Application for an Australia visa

Application mandatory

Are you planning to go on a holiday or business trip to Australia? Remember to apply for a visa. Travellers without a valid visa will not be allowed to board flights to Australia. This applies to almost all travellers that do not have Australian nationality. If you have British or Irish nationality, you can apply for the Australia visa through this website with an online application form.

Without a valid visa, you cannot travel to Australia. Make sure to submit your application in time, if possible several weeks before departure.

Start the application procedure

How long does a visa application take?

Submitting a visa application does not have to take more than a few minutes. The application form mainly contains questions about the contact and passport details of the traveller. Once the completed application has been submitted and paid for, it generally takes about five working days for the visa to be issued. However, an application can in rare cases take longer to be processed. That is why it is advised to submit the visa application right after booking the flight ticket. It is also possible to submit an Australia visa application even before booking flight tickets.

Urgent application

Are you leaving short-term and have you not yet applied for an Australia visa? If you make use of the urgent procedure (surcharge: £17,50 p.p.) the Australia visa has a 95% chance to be issued within an hour and sent by e-mail. The document must be printed and taken with you on the trip.

Can I submit an application for someone else?

If you have permission of the traveller in question, you are also allowed to submit an Australia visa application on behalf of someone else. You must have their passport details at hand to fill in the application form. Children under 16 years of age need permission from their parents to submit an application; parents can, of course, also do it for them. Are you submitting an application for someone else? Pay close attention when filling out the form to ensure you will not make any mistakes. If you are unsure, it is better to stop the application and have the traveller submit an application themselves. If all the information in the form is not correct, it can result in the application being rejected or the issued visa being invalid. This may make it necessary to submit a new application to fix the mistake. Keep in mind that the Embassy of Australia does not process visa application.

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Which variant do I apply for?

There are different types of visa for Australia. In most cases, the eVisitor variant suffices. It is recommended always checking if you meet the requirements for this visa or if you need a different visa type, such as an ETA Australia (Electronic Travel Authority). This variant can be used for the same travel purposes as an eVisitor and has the same validity length. However, the ETA is a fair bit pricier than an eVisitor. The difference between the two visas is that the eVisitor can only be applied for by European travellers, while the ETA can also be applied for by travellers from the United States and several Asian countries. Are you planning to work for a company or organisation in Australia? Then you will likely need a specific work visa.

After issuing, keep the visa in A4 format with your passport during the entire trip to Australia.

Validity length visa

The Australia visa is valid for a year. This term starts from the moment the visa is issued (usually a few days after applying). The Australia visa allows you to travel to the country an unlimited number of times (multiple entry). However, you cannot stay in Australia for longer than 3 months. You can submit a new visa application as often as you like, but you can only submit an application if you are not in Australia at the time.

Requirements and validity

There are a number of requirements travellers have to meet when submitting their visa application online. First, the travel purpose must be tourism or business. Volunteer work is also permitted. However, paid work in service of an Australian organisation is not permitted; you need a work permit or Working Holiday Visa for that. Additionally, the passport used for the application must be valid for at least six more months on arrival in Australia. If this is not the case, first apply for a new passport before applying for the Australia visa, as the visa will be linked to your passport. Also make sure you have health insurance. Travellers with tuberculosis are not allowed to enter Australia.

I meet the requirements and want to submit an application