Cost of the Australia visa

Australia visa cost

The cost of an Australia visa depends on the visa type you apply for. The eVisitor Australia costs the least and can easily be applied for online.

The cheapest Australia visa is the eVisitor visa. This variant can easily be applied for online. Almost all travellers are eligible for this variant.

Individual visa application

If you only submit an application for yourself or someone else, the cost is £24,95. This amount includes 21% VAT, consular costs, service fees and application costs.

Group visa application

If you or the person you are applying for are travelling to Australia in a group, you can use a single form to submit an application for all travellers at once. The cost per person is still £24,95.

In Australia, payments are made with the Australian dollar.

No additional costs

If you apply for your Australia visa in time and therefore do not require an urgent application, the cost is £24,95. This amount is made up of service fees plus 21% VAT. Payment can then be made using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal. In addition, you pay a small surcharge when you pay by credit card or PayPal.

Urgent application

If you require an Australia visa within several days, it is wise to submit an urgent application. You do pay a surcharge for this. Although it is possible to apply for an urgent visa, it is advisable to apply well in advance. This is because the immigration service regularly conducts random checks, which can also make the approval of urgent applications take longer. You should, therefore, make sure you start your application on time.

Working Holiday Visa

When you travel to Australia on business and do not meet the requirements of an eVisitor visa, you might qualify for the Working Holiday Visa. This variant costs £330 and cannot be acquired on this website. Applying for an ETA Australia is also more expensive. If you meet the requirements of the online Australia visa, which can be applied for via this website, we therefore recommend you apply for this variant.