eVisitor Australia

eVisitor Australia

There are different visas for Australia. Do you have British or Irish nationality? Then there is a good chance an eVisitor will fit you and your travel purpose. An eVisitor visa for Australia is the cheapest visa type for Australia and can easily be applied for online.

Have a valid passport

It is important to check if your passport has sufficient remaining validity before making an application for an Australia eVisitor. If the passport used for the visa application does not have sufficient remaining validity, your visa will also become invalid. You will then need to apply for a new visa with a new, valid passport. Before starting a visa application, closely read the requirements for the visa to check if you need to apply for a new passport. This saves you unnecessary costs.

Nationalities that can use an eVisitor
• Belgium • Malta
• Bulgaria • Monaco
• Cyprus • The Netherlands
• Denmark • Norway
• Germany • Austria
• Estonia • Poland
• Finland • Portugal
• France • San Marino
• Greece • Romania
• Hungary • Slovenia
• Ireland • Slovakia
• Iceland • Spain
• Italy • Czech Republic
• Croatia • Vatican City
• Latvia • United Kingdom
• Liechtenstein • Sweden
• Lithuania • Switzerland
• Luxemburg

What is the difference between an ETA and an Australia eVisitor?

As shown in the diagram above, an eVisitor can be applied for by a limited number of nationalities. The ETA, on the other hand, although also not obtainable by everyone, is available for a significantly higher number of nationalities than the eVisitor. Visiting family or friends in Australia is permitted with both the ETA and the eVisitor. The visas also have the same validity period. However, if possible, it is best to apply for an Australia eVisitor instead of an ETA if possible. This is because an eVisitor is much cheaper and an application can be easily submitted online. An ETA has a more complex application procedure.

The immigration department recommends applying for an Australia eVisitor if you qualify for one.

Be careful when filling out the application form

Take your time when applying for the visa. Application forms that are filled in hastily often contain errors that need to be corrected. In some cases, the visa becomes invalid, and a new application must be submitted. Make sure your passport has at least 3 months of remaining validity on the date you arrive in Australia, and closely read the information in the form, so you are certain what information needs to be filled in.