Explanation about the application procedure

Explanation about the application form for the Australia visa

You can easily apply for the Australia visa online within several minutes. In the application form, you are first asked for your contact, travel, and passport details. Then, you need to fill in some details about any previous Australia visa you may have received. Finally, the form contains a number of background questions you have to answer. This page explains the different sections of the application form step by step.

Step 1: Preparation before the visa application

First, it is important to check which visa type you need. There are different variants of the Australia visa available. On this website, you can only apply for the Australia eVisitor visa. However, there are a number of requirements attached to the use of this visa. On the page about the requirements of the Australia visa, there is information about which requirements apply to the Australia visa. First check whether your trip meets these requirements.

In addition, make sure you collect the required documents and details before you start the visa application. This way, you can then fill in the form effortlessly. Make sure you have at least the following documents and details of all travellers applying for an Australia visa:

  • Passport details
  • Expected arrival date in Australia
  • Optional: the details of a previous Australia visa

Step 2: Complete the application form for the Australia visa

If you meet all the requirements for the Australia visa and have collected the required information, you can fill in the application form. You can open the form by clicking the button below:

Apply for the Australia visa now

For each input field, you can find a short instruction in the column to your right. If you also want to apply for an Australia visa for your fellow travellers, you only have to complete one form. Additional travellers can be added at the bottom of the form. In the first part of the application form, you fill in your contact information. If you apply for a visa for multiple people, you only have to fill in the contact information for one person. Particularly, keep in mind that you filled in the email address correctly. Through this email address, you will be updated on the status of your application and receive the visa once your application has been approved.

The second part of the form contains several questions about your trip to Australia. Here, you enter the purpose of your trip and your expected arrival date in Australia. In addition, you indicate whether you need the visa urgently and want to select an urgent application.

In the third part of the form, you fill in information about the traveller(s). These concern details from the passport, any other names or second nationalities and, if necessary, information about previous Australia visas. Keep in mind that the passport details have to be copied into the form as accurately as possible. If the traveller in question has previously received an Australia visa, it is advisable to fill in the number of this visa (the Visa Grant Number or Visa Label Number). It is not required to fill in this number, but certainly recommended. If the traveller has previously received an Australia visa but has not filled in a visa number on the form, it can take longer for the application to be processed.

Finally, the form asks several security questions. These include questions on length of stay in Australia, a possible criminal record and tuberculosis disease. Unfortunately, if one or more background questions have to be answered with “Yes”, it is not possible to apply for a visa on this website. Extra travellers can be added to the form by clicking on “Add a traveller”. Once you have filled in the form for all travellers, you click on “Apply for visa”.

Step 3: Check filled-in details and complete payment

Once you have filled in all the fields in the form and clicked on the green button, you are directed to a page where you can check the filled-in details again. You can correct an answer by clicking “edit” to the right of the field and then “save”. We recommend that you check the details, in particular the passport details, carefully. This is because a single typo may cause the visa to be invalid. If your application is approved, this does not automatically mean you can travel to Australia. If the details on the visa are incorrect, the visa cannot be linked to the passport and will therefore be declared invalid.

Once all information has been saved correctly, you choose the desired payment method to pay the cost.

Step 4: Receive the Australia visa by email

After sending the form, you receive a confirmation by email that the application is being processed. From this moment on, it usually takes no longer than five working days before you receive your Australia visa (and the visas of your fellow travellers). If you have submitted an urgent application, you generally receive your visa within an hour; 95% of all urgent applications are approved within an hour. Next, you need to print the visa and take it with you on your trip. It is recommended to store your visa with your passport or in your carry-on luggage so that you can immediately show it during check-in or boarding at the airport.