Australian Embassy

What does the Australian Embassy do?

Australia is represented in the United Kingdom by the High Commission of Australia in London, more commonly known as the Australian Embassy. The High Commission concerns itself with Australian interests in the UK and maintaining good cooperation with the British government. While the embassy offers consular support to Australian citizens in the UK, they do not process visa applications for Brits wanting to travel to Australia.

What can you go to the Australian Embassy for?

You cannot submit visa applications at the Australian Embassy. Visa applications for Australia are submitted online via the Department of Home Affairs. The website of the embassy offers practical information on how to prepare for your trip. It can be easy to miss essential information when planning a trip to Australia. If you struggle applying for a visa for Australia, you can contact the Global Service Centre, part of the Department of Home Affairs. The contact details of the Global Service Centre can be found on the website of the Australian Embassy, and it is available by telephone or via a contact form. The Embassy itself cannot be reached by telephone. It can, however, be visited on appointment at the Australia House at Strand, London. This is usually not necessary when submitting your visa application online.

Visa first, flight second

The Australian Embassy recommends submitting a visa application before booking a flight. Without a visa, you will not be allowed to enter Australia. If you are planning to apply for an Australia eVisitor visa, first check if you meet the requirements for an online visa. This variant is cheaper, easier to apply for and is issued faster than other visa types.

Do you and your travel purpose meet the requirements for an online visa? Stop searching and apply for your Australia visa right away.

Working in Australia

Are you planning to work in Australia? Then it is important to check what things you need to keep in mind. The Australian Embassy will not be able to advise you on specific work activities. However, the embassy website does have links to other websites with relevant information. An online visa is usually enough for a business trip to Australia. However, if you enter into employment with an Australian employer, you must possess an Australia work visa.

Studying in Australia

Many students go to Australia to improve their skills and knowledge. Australia has 7 of the most highly rated universities in the world. These universities rank in the global top 50 for, among other things, technology, linguistics and social sciences, healthcare and life sciences. If you want to study in Australia, you must apply for a visa in advance. The e-visa suffices for nonmedical trainings or studies lasting 3 months or less. If you want to study in Australia longer, you need a specific student visa.