Requirements & validity

Requirements and validity of the Australia visa

A distinction can be made between the validity period of the visa and the maximum duration of stay in Australia. The visa is valid for one year. However, it is not permitted to stay in Australia during the entire validity period of the visa. The maximum duration of stay is 3 months. It is possible, however, to enter and exit Australia multiple times (for up to 3 months each time). In addition, there are several requirements you and your trip have to meet to apply for the Australia visa. Check carefully before applying to see if you meet these requirements.

For how long is an Australia visa valid?

From the moment the Australia visa is granted, it is valid for one year. This means that you can travel to Australia multiple times within a year, with a maximum duration of stay of 3 months each time. You can decide for yourself how much time there is between your stays. If you travel to Australia right before your visa expires, you can still stay in the country for three months. As such, the eVisitor visa only has to be valid the moment you enter the country. Your passport, however, has to be valid for at least 3 more months upon arrival in Australia.

Can I apply for an Australia visa online?

Almost all travellers can apply for an online visa, or eVisitor visa. Check the overview with nationalities on the page about the eVisitor visa to see if you can apply for the eVisitor visa with your nationality. Travellers with British and Irish nationalities are also included, provided they do not pose any health-related risks or have a criminal past. Travellers with specific travel purposes (not holiday or business trips) are advised to choose a different visa type, such as an ETA.

Working and studying in Australia

If you are planning to work for an Australian employer, you cannot travel to Australia with an eVisitor visa. To do so, you require a specific work visa or Working Holiday visa. When you want to do voluntary work in Australia, you can use an eVisitor visa, provided the main purpose of the trip is a holiday. You cannot do any voluntary work that would have normally been executed by an Australian employee who would have been paid for it. The page on working in Australia discusses this in more detail. Travelling to Australia for a business trip with an eVisitor visa is permitted under certain conditions. You can find more information about this at the bottom of this page.

It is also possible to use an eVisitor when you are going to study or attend training in Australia. However, this study or training can only last up to 3 months, and it cannot be a medical study program. If the study or training you want to attend is longer than 3 months, you have to apply for a study visa instead of an eVisitor visa. It is not permitted to split the studies into increments and use the eVisitor to complete your study over time. You need to have the appropriate visa for your visit.

Australian coast

To Australia with children

Everyone travelling to Australia requires a valid visa and passport. This also applies to children. Minors can also only enter the country with a valid visa. A parent or guardian who stays home has to provide written consent for the trip. In a group application for an eVisitor visa, you can easily indicate that you travel together with your child. This way, you only have to complete one for yourself and your fellow travellers.

Requirements regarding your health

When you have tuberculosis, you have to contact the immigration service to get permission for your trip to Australia. As such, the Australian government has implemented the requirement that travellers with tuberculosis cannot enter the country to protect Australian civilians.

If you have British or Irish nationality, take out health insurance in your home country before departure. This will save you extra money if something happens to your health during your trip. It is also wise to apply for the European Health Insurance Card before you travel to Australia. With this free-to-apply pass, you do not have to advance medical expenses in Australia yourself; these costs will be claimed directly from your health insurer. However, there are several specialist treatments in hospitals, private health care institutions, and dental practises that are not covered by this. You will also have to advance ambulance costs yourself. For this reason, it is also recommended to take out travel insurance.

Requirements regarding behaviour

Did you receive a prison sentence, whether in the past or not, and wonder if you are still allowed to travel to Australia? If you have not been sentenced to more than 12 months (consecutive or cumulative) of imprisonment, you may still travel to Australia.

Passport requirements

The passport you are travelling with, which is linked to your Australia visa, has to be valid for at least 3 more months after the arrival date. It is therefore important to check whether your passport is valid long enough before applying for your visa. If you already know your passport expires within 3 months after you arrive in Australia, you first have to apply for a new passport before starting to apply for a visa. The details from the passport you are using to travel to Australia completely match the data on the application form. This is because the visa is linked to your passport. When you get a new passport, the visa will become invalid.


Apply for your visa with the details from the passport you are travelling with. This is because the Australia visa is linked to your passport.

On a business trip to Australia

If you want to network, meet potential business partners, hold meetings, negotiate, conclude agreements, attend trade fairs, seminars, conferences, or conventions, attend training courses, or conduct market research in Australia and use an eVisitor Australia to do so, keep the following requirements in mind:

  • You are otherwise paid by your own British or Irish employer (and not by an Australian employer).
  • The activities to be carried out in Australia may make you money in the long run.
  • You do not sell services or products to Australian consumers.

You can therefore apply for an eVisitor Australia for a business trip to Australia, provided this trip meets the aforementioned requirements.